My basil grew itself!

basil cutting with roots

This bit of basil was meant to go in my dinner. I left it in a cup of water by the window, came back a few days (maybe a week) later and it had sprouted roots. Not soft, spindly roots either – solid, chunky, firm ones. A damn sight better than the basil cutting I was actually trying to grow (which died).

closeup of basil roots

It’s now in the garden bed, which is growing bushier by the day. There is a shit ton of sweet basil, and wee! We’ve got some little Roma tomatoes coming up.

baby roma tomatoes growing on vine

Tomatoes, I understand, are hungry buggers, so it’ll soon be time to feed the bed with blood and bone, or somesuch.

Yay! Stuff grows!

planter bed nov 2013