Running late with projects again

Ricky board work in progress

I’ve been working on a Ricky Board for my October project. I don’t know why it’s called “ricky”, but whatever, man. You stick on a board 20 things that are more or less the same. Then you give each its own name. The act of naming creates meaning and differentiation; it changes your perception of what you see.

I like the exercise here. I think a busy lifestyle can predispose us to making judgement calls based on surface observations. Not because we’re all vapid or cunts, but more for practical reasons. Economy of thought, speed of communication, that sort of thing. One needs time and energy to focus and think deeply on a thing. One does not always have that luxury when one is busy, distracted.

Taking time to contemplate reveals more beneath the superficial. People have their own identities, their own motivations; people are more complex than what you get to see, even if you get to see a lot. It’s a nice idea to contemplate.

So the exercise is to take these fish beads that I have so anonymously many of, and give them names, meditate on their individuality. I’m seeing tiny differences between them now – little flaws, discolourations – which makes them seem more interesting than when I dismissed them as being identical, predictable pieces of mass productivity.

Ricky board, halfway there!

From an arts & crafts point of view, the hot glue gun was a challenge. I want to try a bit of calligraphy for the name plates too. So there’s another learning curve. The key will be in not rushing to conclusion, I think, taking this task slowly and pondering each step.

Seeing how this is my October project and we’re now in November, I am clearly succeeding.