Spring planting for summer

tomatoes, basil and marigold in my veggie bed

There’s all sorts in my veggie bed now. Tomato, basil, marigold until the slugs devour them. Our landlord had the giant pest of a tree removed recently, so we get heaps of sunlight now compared to before. My plants are growing noticeably faster!

mint, lemon balm and impatiens

Our new lack of tree means room in the garden bed. After loosening the soil, adding some peat coir and a few handfuls of worm castings, I planted peppermint, lemon balm and some white impatiens. Flowers weren’t really my thing before, but since learning about the beneficial insects they attract, I’ve become more interested.

Not too sure about marigolds and slugs, though. Every marigold I’ve planted gets devoured within the week. Maybe they’re a distraction plant, so other things you’ve got growing stands a chance against those predatorial beasts.

I have big but simple plans for transforming our garden space. Now that we get sunshine, I’m not in a hurry to move out at the end of our lease, but on the chance we do, I’d like to leave it nicer than what it has been.

strawberry pot

This is my strawberry pot filled with not strawberries. There is one strawberry, who defied the odds of winter and neglect, and survived.

wee strawberry plant

I have hopes for this guy. My basil of hope never made it, so all eyes are on this strawberry now. Make a fruit! Propagate!

dora sleeping with one leg out

It’s late and I’m sleepy. Goodnight, everyone!