Bunny, food and things

ceramic glazed bunny figurine from Make Your Mark Café

Mr Bunny came back from Make Your Mark! He was pristine when I handed him over for glazing and firing, but somehow he came back with red paint on the tips of his ears. But the rest of him looks so finished, glossy. Now I’m super itching to go back and paint more stuff.

It’s been a great week for food. I keep meaning to post more easy meals, but there are so many simple office lunches (even moreso now that we have an electric frypan in the kitchen) and I don’t want to spend every evening writing about the latest dish. They’ll come along when I have time to catch up.

nachos made in the office kitchen

This one is way too easy for its own Easy Meal post – nachos.

Put corn chips on plate, chuck on salsa (if you can’t find the damn salsa in the poorly organised supermarket, get passato from the overstocked pasta shelf and mix it with veggies), microwave covered for 2 mins to soften the veg. Add cheese and microwave again, uncovered, for 2 mins. Add chopped/mashed avo and sour cream. And jalapeños, but there’s none in the picture cos they would have been kept next to the salsa I couldn’t find.

shimofuri sizzling steak at Pepper Lunch in Perth

We tried Pepper Lunch for dinner on Friday night. I’m excited now because it was really freakin good and I want to go back soon soon soon soon. Not the cheapest meal – 2 x shimofuri steak with egg and miso soup plus drinks cost $40 something – but worth it for a treat.

a tomato with a tiny bite out of it

By the way, we managed to grow a normal sized tomato! Here it is, harvested earlier than planned because a snail had taken a bite and we wanted to get to it before he came back. This is the winter tomato, grown from an indoor cutting. Finally, a not-tiny vegetable!

I’m now finally studying Horticulture. :) That old habit of procrastination is back, but I’m trying my best to overcome it. I’ve already handed in an assignment AND taken on my first garden design project. Studying, planning – they don’t feel like work. My brain is awake and hungry for knowledge.

Well, not awake this moment. I went to bed late and I’m like this =___= now, but I wanted to take a sec to reflect on how desire and compulsion seem to be mutually exclusive, different things. When I was younger, the things I wanted, I was compelled to go and do. Relative to stuff like teenage insecurities, inexperience, parental permission and finances, of course. I felt drawn by the things I desired; there was a pull back then. Nowadays, that compulsion is less strong; punctuated with trepidation and tiredness. Getting up, breaking momentum, requires a push.

I’m not sure which is better. Certainly, being pulled means you fall into experiences more easily. But pushing yourself gives you more control. I wonder if growing up means learning the boundaries of one’s control, then actually exercising that control proactively, creating one’s own opportunities.

Mm, some thoughts.

dora, waiting