I broke a tile… WITH MY FIST

piece of broken bathroom tile (which I broke with my fist!)

And it felt SO GOOD. I kept a piece for a souvenir. :)

The theory is if you strike with the right form, you will break the tile and not your hand. Each of us was closely supervised and coached on striking, and I broke tiles and not my hand. Walked away with just a little bruise  on the heel of my palm from where I didn’t do it right. So much fun. A++ would do again!

road to dunsborough

We were in Dunsborough last weekend. As far as holidays go, this was nice in the sort of way that would bore you terribly to hear about. Some highlights, though…

blurred branded pint glass in the foreground, beer menu in the background

We ate at The Pour House for dinner, both nights because it was easy and their beers are great.

big breakfast, hot chocolate and a book

I stumbled upon Evviva Café and had a big breakfast with full size sausage and tiny hash browns.

grown men wearing martial arts uniforms, dancing

My best-laid plans to visit wineries, breweries and cheese-eries got rained out, so I went to watch Niaal dance with men.

veggie patch at Dunsborough primary school

The school where they were dancing had a veggie patch. Yay, greens!

veggie patch at Dunsborough primary school

Speaking of greens, I’ve just enrolled in Open Colleges to do a Certificate II in Horticulture. It’s self-paced correspondence study, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. I have been planning this since the start of the year, and have struggled with how to fit school around work and life. Online study is perfect for people like me, whose schedules don’t align with normal people’s schedules.

Bloody hell, if this isn’t the perfect example – when trying to enrol in the course, the rep and I had to do it in pieces through disjointed phone and email contact because I couldn’t set aside a long enough block of time on a single day to complete it all at once. I’m optimistic about making time to study, however. I hope that’s a realistic ideal.

ceramic bunny, at Make Your Mark Café in Myaree

Friday, my office had a social club outing at Make Your Mark Art Café in Myaree.

Pretty sweet deal. You go in, choose from an unexpectedly big range of ceramic items, sit at the art table, chill the fuck out and paint. :) If you get peckish, they have tea and biscuits on the menu. Only downside is that they need time to glaze your piece, so you don’t get to take it home on the same day, but they promise turnaround in under a week.

Making some best-laid plans to go back again, so maybe will have more photos to show you soon. :)