Head cold. Need kittens.


I’m sick and feel like shit. Please send rescue kittens.

This year so far, getting sick seems to coincide with starting something new. New diet? Here’s a virus and chest infection. New job? Tonsilitis! New sport? Yay, head cold!

At least I’m hoping it’s only a head cold. The glands on my neck are tender today. Those are the lymph glands, right? That means my immune system is winning, right? We’re in Dunsborough next weekend and I have a whole day to myself to wander around, sketch, eat and take pictures. I’d like to be well enough for it.


I bought a new sketch diary last week. One that fits in my bag. Had a go at drawing from a photo using some pro tips from *Risachantag. Turned out way easier than I thought, and I didn’t take twice as long drawing and then erasing a grid.

Writing this post has given me a massive headache. I’m going to take some drugs and a nap now, and dream of a thousand nano-kittens cleaning my sinuses. ^___^