Easy meal: Zucchini boats


This is a decent sized lunch portion, which can be done easily in an office kitchenette. There are two parts to this – the boat bit and the filling.

Wash and halve a zucchini, lengthwise  Microwave covered with a tablespoon of water – 1 min on high. This softens the zucchini so you can carve out the inside. You don’t have to use the fleshy bits, especially if it’s true that most of the nutrients live in the skin.


For the filling, mix a bunch of whatever. Seriously, so long as you pick 2-5 ingredients that go well together, you’ll be fine. Today, I used tuna, tomato, mushrooms and a bit of mayo, topped with cheese and chia seeds.

If you like the cheesy topping, heat for another minute either in a microwave or a sandwich toaster (you’ll want to hold the hot plate just above the cheese) to get the melt. Then serve!

Middle Eastern Stuffed Zucchini was the recipe I used as a base for this quick & dirty adaptation.