Some spoony banter, and food photos from Rockpool Bar & Grill

white sandgroper flower with violet interior

My week felt long. I awoke yesterday with a flat, apathetic mood. It reinforced that depression doesn’t discriminate – rich, poor, male, female, struggling, comfortable – when it’s there, it’s there. The ennui can be overpowering. Trying to think one’s way out is frustrating. Like knowing your dinner should be delicious, but not being able to taste it because you have a stuffy nose.

I resigned my day’s plans and took a nap to get my ‘spoons’ back. Sometimes that’s all you can do. But it worked, and I still had time to leave the house and get something done. On my way out, I was greeted by this lovely flower (above). It’s the sandgroper that wouldn’t fit in the windowbox at my old work; a nice bit of blooming optimism for my afternoon.

Last night was lovely. I’ve been looking forward to it for ages. We were given a gift certificate for Rockpool Bar & Grill at Crown Perth, so decided to dress properly and go eat fancy. I didn’t take heaps of food pics, but let me show you them.

Lillet blanc aperitif and Rockpool tonic

I opened with a lillet blanc aperitif wine, served on ice with a wedge of lemon, recommended by the sommellier. I had no idea this was even a job. Niaal got a Rockpool tonic, which is a gin and tonic with grapefruit peel and a stick of lemongrass. That mix of flavours was really something. One to remember for home, even though it’ll never taste like one you pay $20 for.

veal sweetbread with marron, dates, onion, cashews and coriander

I learned ‘sweetbread’ isn’t bread at all, but offal, testicles and other delicious, marrowy flavoured pieces of meat. This was really satisfying. I love offal; this made me love it more. I’m okay with this making me a bit of a savage.

blue fillet steak

Where possible, I order my steak blue. That naturally salty, red, visceral flavour makes my mouth water. When prepared properly, a blue fillet requires very little effort to chew. You don’t feel like you’re grinding meat between your teeth, but more splitting and mashing. My grass-fed steak came with a light sprinkle of sea salt and a lemon.

brussel sprouts with brown butter and nutmeg

These are brussel sprouts with brown butter and nutmeg. The half of the table who don’t like brussel sprouts really chowed down on these. It’s the sprout that makes you love sprouts. Just behind are onion rings, which were massive and delicious. In the foreground, the smooth, berry-ish red wine recommended for our steaks.

mushy peas with slow cooked egg

Mushy peas, right. With a slow-cooked egg. Apparently made with a base of chicken stock and some ground anchovy. It was delicious and there was so much of it. The sides were all big and wonderful. The desserts were very generous, and our waitress offered to box up whatever we couldn’t eat. The service was so good, the staff so nice and I have many things to go learn to make now.

Today is cleaning day, we were up early. All the scrubby things are done, leaving just sorting and tidying in the evenings until rent inspection. The house is in a workable state, so I don’t feel guilty about spending this evening on my arse, crocheting and blogging. I’m still working to use up my art supplies. Slowly but surely, and occasionally setting myself back by buying more. Damn the yarn shop round the corner for having a sale just after payday.

piles of craft goods amassing on my desk

My desk is amassing piles of stuff, and I can’t bring myself to put them out of sight – because if they’re out of mind, those half-finished projects will never be complete. I did shift something today, but.

three tiny clay cats

This family of tiny clay cats have been given to a family-run art shop, whose name I’m still not sure of. More on that some other time, though. For now, I’m off to chillax.

Good night. :) I hope you had a great weekend.