Tiny sweet potato and a derp radish


My sweet potato from December made a baby! An unimpressive baby. There were about seven of these tiny things, six even tinier than the one pictured. Bah. I should have left them longer, at least over the summer.

I planted the original tuber (my ‘seed potato’) in a burlap sack when it was huge with vines growing like crazy. Not sure when they went in, guessing maybe Jan or Feb. Harvesting today, I found the original root had disappeared, leaving slender, scrawny, rooty babies dangling off the vines. The soil in the now disintegrated bag was loamy and home to worms and other bugs.


This radish was grown from seed since late March, making it about 17 weeks old. This is not amazing. Cherry bell radishes should be twice this size in just over half the time. Alas, lack of sunlight strikes again.

Meanwhile my winter tomato is the size of a golf ball. So what the hell, right?

I’m going to try wall-planting some herbs this coming season, and maybe have another crack at watermelon and peas. We’ve got parsnip and carrot tops in the veggie bed too. I don’t have high hopes for those, but will be fun to see how well kitchen scraps can do.