Painting, thinking

painting work in progress

My painting is progressing… slowly. I’m getting the hang of black paint and the super-fine paintbrush. It’s kind of like using a fountain pen with an unpredictable nib.

It’s taking so long, but. I thought, swish swish and I’d be done, but this is turning out to be not that easy. For one, I don’t know any techniques, so even with an idea of what I want, my lack of motor skill gets in the way. Unless you try it for yourself, you can’t tell how much work goes into those pictures you see on walls.

I don’t think I could look at art the same again after this. Someone had to hold a paintbrush and work with a certain level of control. Someone had to think about what they were doing. One day, maybe I could dream of being that coordinated.


For now, I’m just happy with my wonky lines and smudges. Mm, not happy, just okay. :)