The reaper is scary cos I’m a noob

photo of software

I want to be okay with being stupid. It puts the mind in a state where it can learn new things, free of ego, free of the fear that other people think you’re stupid. It takes bravery to settle into, but we all have to do it at some point in order to develop new blah blah.

Tonight’s bravery was installing, finding the virtual keyboard and fumbling my way through installing a plugin called Oatmeal. I still don’t get what’s going on. Audio production is alien to me, even after working with Mat and looking at dos4gw’s computer a couple of times. Anything I pick up is in one ear and out the other, or in one eye and you get the idea. BUT I have new musicky software now and a plugin, and dagnabbit I am going to learn to make a song on it, even if it’s crap.

This evening, I learned how to get Reaper to look in the folder where you keep… instruments and fx? I’m not sure what the difference is yet, but they go in a folder, and you go to Preferences >Plug-ins > VST to specify the various directories Reaper needs to scan to find your bits. Now my one droney b♭ MIDI note sounds like a badass 80′s scifi synth (by accident, I clicked something and don’t know what).

Wanna hear it? It’s pretty lame!

Anyway, that’s me done for tonight, trying to be learny and whatnot. Until next time.