I made a vest!

finished vest, portrait photo

I made a vest! Lovingly known as the Turdigan for its browny hue and flecks. There’s just under a kilometre of yarn in this¬†‘Belinda Vest’, which¬†took about 30 hours over 10 days to complete.

my finished vest

The lady at the yarn shop offered some great advice when I told her what I planned to do with all my woollen balls – she said to take each part of the pattern separately, one at a time, because it’s overwhelming to consider a whole pattern at once. So I took it one at a time, one half-double crochet stitch after another, repeat ad pain in shouldereum.

closeup of seamless join between collar and bodice

The last thing I need to do before I can put it on is ‘block’ it. This is where you pin the garment to a board according to its measurements in the pattern, then spray it with water. As it dries, it takes on the shape defined by the pins. I was hoping to wear this to work tomorrow, but looks like I’ll be hitting the yarn shop instead for half a million pins. Time to crochet a pin cushion.