There’s a time and place for acrylic yarn

dora lying on a crocheted acrylic blanket

It’s fashionable to complain about acrylic yarn, but Dora and I don’t care much for fashion. I’ve got two huge balls of egg yolk yellow acrylic from when I just started crochet. Such a shame to waste yarn, no matter what people say. The internet reckons it’s just fine if you can find suitable uses for it – pet blankets are one such use, because acrylic is easy to wash and care for.

Now that the weather is cooler, and I’ve had a bit more experience, I don’t mind this fibre as much. When I was little, my dad would tell me only noobs complain about tools and materials, because a skilled craftsman will find a way to make it work. Surely that can’t be right in all situations, but sometimes I find it’s right and nice to aspire to.

closeup of the tulip stitch

So I’m working this Tulip Stitch Cat Cage Blanket I found on Ravelry. I have a personal goal this year to burn through as many of my art supplies as possible. Every time I pick up a new hobby, I acquire and hoard. Supplies somehow find their way into my possession through paranoid over-buying, generous hand-me-down-ing from hobby buddies who decided not to continue, or impulse shopping while hungry. I have a wooden crate full of yarn balls now, some left over from a million years ago when I was obsessed with knitting scarves.

I still wouldn’t recommend learning with acrylic, though. Or even good wool. The more friction-y the fibre, the more easily it snags – better to spend extra on just one exquisite ball of smooth, smooth cashmere, so you can learn technique without the annoying parts. Crochet is great cos if you mess up, you can pull apart and start over, so there’s little risk in using nice things.

dora rests her chin on a blanket

The weather in Perth has been super blustery. Perfect weather for crochet. And eating. And gaming. Anything indoors. It’s nice. I’m hanging out for a change, and random stormy weather brings on a different mood. We have a rent inspection next week – not the change in routine I hoped for, but meh, what you gonna do.