The tiniest eggplant

a tiny eggplant, sliced up

We grew a really tiny eggplant. I’m beginning to feel silly sharing my miniature vegetables with you. Try as we might, we can’t seem to grow anything big and juicy like what the supermarket has. I’m worried my soil quality is poor, but our plants don’t display many signs of nutrient deficiency. This is most likely the result of not getting enough sun. The way our backyard is positioned, with trees and walls, we get about half the amount of sunlight a better garden would expect.

tiny eggplant on the vine

But hey, at least we grew something, right? This little guy went into a curry tonight. We could barely taste him. But oh, we knew he was there with hisĀ fibre, vitamins, chlorogenic acid and nasunin. Mm, delicious nasunin. (?!?)