Window box sugar snap peas at 3 weeks


Three-ish weeks, rather. Only three of the six peas planted made it. One sprouted, then promptly withered. These are about the size of a plastic fork. The office is still crazy cold, so I’m not holding my breath for a quick harvest. The four-ish hours of sunlight have been hampered by the overcast weather too. I think if we get just one pea pod from each plant, we can call this a success.

First day back at football today. Played like rubbish, but it felt good to be back and now I’m sore and exhausted. I meant to work on my afghan and post about something I’ve been studying lately, but all I could muster was dinner and a couple games of lol. I’m lying in bed right now, struggling to keep my eyes looking in the same direction.

So yes, I’ve been cleared to play. After my lasik re-treatment, it’s all been going well. Eyes still get tired easily, but vision is right now. Don’t know how I could have thought before that it was okay – I can see across the room now and it doesn’t feel like a strain. :) Oh, I also learned of a new lubricating eye drop – Hylofresh. It’s less sticky than the usual single use drops, in special sterile bottle, still free of preservatives, and uses some of the stuff they use during surgery, which is what lets it hydrate without being sticky – more comfortable. Ahh… I love technology. :)

Time to get off the internet eh. Night night!