Peas, projects and packing

little green sprout in soil

The windowbox tomatoes are long gone. In their place, dwarf sugar snap peas. This photo is 5-7 days after planting. You can see in the periphery some cut-up plastic bottles used for humidity covers. I can confirm this was a waste of time – the seeds that weren’t covered sprouted first, content with airy, damp indoor soil.

recycled plastic bottles in planter box

This is what it looked like on day 1, complete with plastic forks (and a spork!) and bamboo stakes for a trellis. I’m still deciding the boundaries on recycling stuff found in a workplace – is the plastic fork thing too much? Have I entered office freakshow territory where colleagues talk behind my back about how I smell like mung beans? (it’s this cheap shirt, I swear)

jrpg parody box art by @niaalist

I have a small brag – I just finished a j-rpg parody game as a gift for a friend, finished the morning of his birthday. I can’t share the game itself cos it’s 200MB of inside jokes, so not worth it unless you want an example for learning RPG Maker – but I can show you the awesome box art @niaalist made for it.

Hats off to the RPG Maker software. It makes gamedev so easy. Minimal coding knowledge required (though it helps to be able to think procedurally), with lots of resources and examples around the web. My 40-min RPG would have taken a bit less than 4 weeks to create, stretched out over 2 months.

pile of crocheted granny squares

Right now, I’m working on an adult sized crocheted blanket. I’d like a really big one, but may lose interest before getting that far. I hope to finish before winter officially starts, but I need 100 granny squares to make size, and it’s already taken me 4 days to make 6. I’ll be lucky to complete it before next summer.

We’re off to Sydney tomorrow for a short break. I’ve been procrastinating with packing, but now hearing sounds of LoL in the next room by someone who’s finished packing, I’m starting to feel motivated.