Eyes want to sleep, chest wants to sputter


Came to bed two hours ago, been up coughing since. Thought I could get away without medicine tonight, but nope – gonna be a long ride on the codeine train.

My lasik retreatment is done and I’m back in bug-eye goggles. I tested at 20/20 this morning, which is promising – I hope it stays this ways or gets even better. I was -0.5 and -0.75 after the first round.

TIL people can have the same prescription but still have different quality of sight. Vision isn’t just about your eye, but how your brain interprets the optic signal as well. Some people can cope fine at half a degree of shortsightedness, while others really need glasses.

This is straight from the surgeon’s mouth, so unless he was trolling, we have here an interesting fact of the day.