Eat, pray, sleep


I came to bed early tonight with the goal of falling asleep earlier and feeling that much less tired in the morning. But it’s late again – the wrong sort of early – and I’m still awake. TIL antibiotics can cause insomnia. Of all my sicknesses this month, I’m most sick of being sick.

I’ve been eating very non-Primal these last few days. Pizza, puffy pie crust, vegetable fats, probably trans-fats, white bread, white flour, refined sugars… and not exercising. Situations keep coming up where the food I’m trying to avoid is just THERE. It’s not that I’m not ‘allowed’ to eat it, but it wastes the time I need for this eating experiment. I had a chai latte last week while gluten-free, and didn’t get the usual discomfort I get from cow dairy. Being back in a conventional eating habit means I have to wait another few weeks of ‘detox’ before I can test the milk thing again for serious.

Because people have asked – no, I’m not very gluten intolerant as far as I know. Regarding dairy, I’m very mildly reactive to either lactose or casein. I suspect casein, yet can comfortably eat large amounts of cottage cheese and bocconcini. It’s just big cheese platters, giant slices of ice cream cake and actual milk that causes my joints to ache and muscles to feel fatigued. But if all this boils down to gluten-induced gut sensitivity, then I should be able to eat all the ice cream I want if I just give up bread, right? :D (yeah, k probably not)

Food is on my mind a lot. I’m exhausted thinking about Primal meals and ingredients, and kind of wish I could fall back on breakfast toasties again. I’ve been having sushi instead, and it’s great – I wish we had Japanese 7-11s here with their abundance of onigiri. I can smell bread and cooked flour a mile away now. I know when my desk mate opens his bottom drawer by the sweet waft of his lunch loaf drifting in the air. I chew on unsalted sunflower seeds and maintain composure.

This diet isn’t terrible. It’s really the thinking that’s wearing me out. And I’m eating less by accident because I don’t have sport working up an appetite and my brain is too tired to plan meals in advance, so tiredness takes over and I skip meals. This particular habit needs to go. I did buy some delicious fish this evening but had a nap instead of dinner. Subsisted on a bag of snow peas.

Tomorrow, I will eat all four basa fillets, baked in butter, lemon and ginger. Tonight I must work on getting some sleep.