My drilling adventure

This is me in my drilling outfit. Yes, I said drilling outfit. Today, I decided to try turning little food bowls into little flower pots. Turns out if you have the patience for manual labour, this can be a cost-effective way to be creative and cute with potted plant stuff.

I bought a 6mm diamond tip ‘for glass and tile’ drill bit from Bunnings ($13ish), borrowed Chips’ manly Ryobi power drill ($85ish; he paid, not me) and a little red ceramic/stoneware pot ($2 I think?) from Good Sammy’s. Filled up a rectangular bucket of water and padded the bottom with a whole newspaper (local news) and a face towel.

This is a loud project. No exaggeration. Not painfully loud, but loud enough to get annoying after the first five minutes. It’s also a bit wet too, which is not so bad cos if you were doing it dry, you’d have a heap of dust to contend with. I actually started working on a little glass cup from Good Sammy’s ($2.50), but got paranoid about glass dust and decided never to do it again. Anyway, the ceramic pot had a thinner base, so it wouldn’t have taken nearly as long.

Blah blah blah, whatever. Here are pictures…

Set to drill mode (don’t use hammer setting). Splash surface with water and drill in small bursts so neither bit nor pot get too hot. Go very light at first until you wear a scratchy groove – this provides a guide for the rest of the work. Don’t press down with the drill; just let it grind away gradually. It took about 3 minutes-ish to get through the glaze down to stone. From there, another 5-10 minutes of letting the weight of the drill be the only pressure. I stopped every 10-15 seconds just to be safe. A more experienced person would probably do it quicker.

Grinds down nicely. Definitely more easily than with my glass practice cup. I’m never drilling into glass again, btw. My nose and throat feel like shit now, more from glass dust paranoia than actual glass dust.

It went through! Oh, how satisfying to make it through. I’m very pleased with the result and now look forward to pondering what to use this lovely miniature flowerpot for.

Lessons learned: