The great harmless sinus infection


I’ve been sick and my only human contact has been cats. This one in particular has slept by my foot each day to make sure I remembered to feed her when I eventually arose from vironic stupor. It has not been a pleasant few days, save for my feline friends.

For reference, it started on Friday when I woke up feeling severely depressed and exhausted (despite a good night’s sleep). The dis-ease progressed into sinus pain, sore throat, headache, fever, body aches and dizziness. The sinus pain was so bad, it even hurt to smile. The headache and dizziness were the most inconvenient bits, and lasted the longest. They’re not so bad today, but whatever glugginess was inside my head has become an irritating cough.

Ymmv on these symptoms but if you’re in Perth, the doctor I saw reckons there’s a bit of an epidemic going round – viral, so all you can do is rest and wait it out. He actually used the word ‘epidemic’; I felt like part of something special.

I made the mistake of reading the wiki page on viruses one evening. Don’t do that. Or of you do, don’t read the bit on prions and CJD cos that’ll make you feel worse. In fact, you could probably skip the part where you read any of the internet at all. None of it matters a whit when you feel like arse, and yes, you probably do just have a harmless sinus infection.