Fish curry and stuff

mango coconut fish curry in a bowl with zucchini noodles

I made a mango coconut fish curry tonight. It was easy, but didn’t turn out spectacular, so I may have missed something important. I forgot to use spices, and skipped the bit at the end where you add a bit of lemon juice for zing, but it’s not terrible for a first go.

I used 500g of white fish (I think it was called a grenadier), a stalk of lemongrass (plus a bit extra from a jar), minced gingerminced garlicminced coriander, a half-size tin of coconut milk, a stub of butter (the size of your thumb saddle) and an old mango from the bottom of the fridge. All of this stuff, you can get at Coles. Cheap in principle, but it cost me $30 cos I bought most stuff pre-minced/in jars/etc.


Oh! And I bought a couple of zucchini to make zucchini noodles. It’s a pain in the arse cutting these by hand. Can I recommend removing the skin before you start; makes it go a bit faster. Also, do what the instructions say and squeeze the water out. I suspect my curry is blander than expected cos it’s been diluted with veg water.

Instead of salt, lemon and pepper, I lightly cooked my zucchini in salted water. Not for long, just a tiny bit longer than a blanching, to get warm, slightly soft noodles.


The curry and veg noodles go fabulously together. :) I’m really happy with how it turned out, despite the excess water and less-than-spectacular curry. It’s good enough for a mid-week meal.


My first habanero is ripe! I’ve never seen a yellow habanero before, but it totally looks like the one on the label. We’ll make something spicy soon to test it out.


I had planned on varnishing my tiny clay cat family tonight, but have no energy left after cooking something new. I wish I could be one of those boundless energetic people made of sunshine, so I could do a million more things before getting tired. Though, I spose a person like that may eventually run out of things to do.


I took this picture of my windowbox tomatoes today. This is week 10. Just seven more weeks til we’re apparently ready to harvest. I’m seeing a lot of giant leaf action here (characteristic of indoor plants, apparently), but not a lot of buds or flowers.

The aircon has been going nuts in my area too – definitely not the warm, warm weather I’m used to getting by that window. Could it be too cold to flower, let alone fruit? We shall see.