Look left, look right


Check out my rad hair!

Just kidding, it’s a wig. But it’s got me ready to become a crazy old Asian auntie. Got 10 years to find a bitchin tracksuit and top notch eyebrow tattooist. Yeah!

Today felt LONG. Even though I was up late. Feels like we squeezed many little things into the hours. Cooked tuna mornay, tended the garden, played football, had an awesome dinner, played Path of Exile, and now spending a little quiet time before shut eye.


This does seem busy compared to STRAYA day, where we sat around all arvo, drinking beer and sitting in the pool. I really want Monday to be special too, because I’m bored of the ‘getting up for work’ thing and would like to be on uni holidays, just like old times. The long weekend is the best I’ll get for now. I daydream often about what I’d do if I could afford to not work. My home would be so full of half-done art projects.

I guess that’s no different to how I live already… maybe it’s better to have the excuse.

When I was in uni, I did in my spare time what I do for a living now. Hum. That’s going on more than a decade. This blog will be 10 years old in March, I’ll have racked up about 18 years in web design. Where did that time go? How did I get here?

More importantly, what do I do now?


Besides sleep, I mean.