1, 2, 3 – Parsley!

At least, I’m pretty sure it’s parsley. I forget.

Just before the trip to Eagle Bay, I planted some tiny seeds in pots. The packet said they would take weeks to germinate – I expected 6 weeks, but the weather must be good for these plants, because it only took 3 weeks for this little sprout to poke through. Yay! Not insta-death!

I don’t know why I planted seeds. I actually dislike gardening. The idea of soil needing health warnings grosses me out, I don’t fancy the smell, I get hayfever, I don’t like getting grubby hands because I rub my eyes a lot. When I bought potting mix for the worm farm, I figured I’d want to do something with the rest of it. Now I have a sprout. And some new flowerpots, bought today, with an even bigger quantity of potting mix.

Got some watermelon seeds from Waldecks too, and I have a few Swan River Daisy seed cards left over from a July promotion at work. Hobby day tomorrow, then. :)