Being gay in Eagle Bay


Gay as in happy.

We’ll be home soon, so I’m making the most of today by blogging from bed; so exciting what.

There’s a lovely field of lillies behind the place we’re staying. Somebody’s property, no doubt, but apparently trespassing is usually ok here so long as you don’t damage anything or leave gates open. I took a few photos of the field, went on a poo hunt (found cow, roo and a mysterious long poo) and checked a few clover patches for a 4-leaf. No luck.

I’ve cooked satay, drank mead, lay in a hammock with a bloody Mary, written a shit mystery novel in my head, met a border collie named Bonnie, watched my mates put out a small fire, eaten some delicious chilli and munched on yummy raisin cookies.

The shower is going off in the next room. I think everyone is getting up. Would be nice to go somewhere for lunch. Maybe a brewery or something.

Was apprehensive at first about going home, but I feel pretty un-stressed out here, I think I can handle what’s waiting for me. Working late’s not so bad when nice restaurants are so close, and you’ve accepted that’s what you’ll be doing for awhile. I’m even a bit excited, because we work near a Crust pizza. Mmm, peking duck pizza…

Argh. I am off. Time to get something to eat.