Little social media sites that are kinda nice


Aw bummer, Instagram might shit the bed. Gonna hang on a few days to see if they rescind the evil parts. I don’t actually mind the idea of my photos being licensed through them – there’s just got to be some consent involved on my part. I’d be quite upset if a selfie ended up in an ad against gay marriage or something like that.

Deja vu: I’m sure this happened before, and it turned out the company involved had good intentions that got lost in legal jargon. I wonder if this is a problem that feeds itself – companies use legalese to cover their arses, but it makes users suspicious of why so much arse covering is needed if everyone means to do the right thing. Of course, it’s true – some people don’t mean to do the right thing – and it sucks how they end up ruining it for the rest of us. (Update 14 hours later: Yay! It’s like that thing that happened last time!)

It’s nice that there are heaps of upstart alternatives to the big social web sites. I revisited Pheed yesterday – it’s like a mix of myspace and tumblr type features. Lovely concept and ui, but OH GOD, THE NAME. I know it’s meant to be a funny way of spelling “feed”, but come on, how can you look at that and not think of a yellow puddle on the floor.

@Elle_Emmm showed me Branch. It’s nice in a Quora meets Google Wave kind of way – I wish I had more interesting things to talk about, cos the site is well done and I’d like an excuse to use it more. Wanna join my discussion and try it for yourself?

Pick is more instagram-like, but with purikura and… aw, it’s adorable and mindless and some days, I just want to muffle my aching brain with cuteness. I like Path too; it’s simple and attractive, but the only way to interact with your network is through the app. If it had a decent web front end, it could easily take on the likes of instagram, twitter and facebook. But I hope it continues to be this nice and simple.

Wow, in the few hours tonight I’ve mucked around on the net, I’ve seen 4 different articles take the top spot in the “News for instagram” bit in my Google search. As much as I’d like an excuse to move to Pick, I’d more like that there’s less corporate evil stuff on the internet. Come on, Facebookstagram, don’t let us down.