Where to find ramen in Perth

My old ramen guide is out of date now. I’m really pleased that it’s gotten heaps easier to find good ramen in Perth. The izakaya thing has a lot of appeal; so casual, so tasty. Here’s my list of Perth ramen noodle shops, all personally reviewed and enjoyed by me and my friends.

62 Roe St, Northbridge. Open 7 days for lunch & dinner
Really freaking good ramen in satisfying quantities and a variety of flavours. The place is small, and you’re in and out pretty quick; staff are friendly, but this is definitely not stay-for-ages dining. Average price for ramen – looking at about $13ish, depending on what you get – well worth it for taste. They do rice dishes and Japanese ice cream as well. Souvenirs available for Japanophiles.

NAO Izakaya
117 Murray St, Perth. Open 7 days for lunch & early dinner – website
Traditional style ramen in all the usual ramen flavours. Can’t fault this place – friendly service, delicious noodles, other Japanese dishes available, appropriately priced. This is my favourite place of them all. It’s humble and comfortable.

Wagamama, Subiaco
Subiaco Station. Open 7 days for lunch & dinner – website
This place used to impress with their high quality fusion noodle soup bowls, but not so much anymore. Either my palette has changed or they don’t care so much now that they have regular business here. Expensive ($17 styles) and not as tasty as traditional ramen. Meat doesn’t come out tender, which you really want in a ramen. Nice place to sit and/or entertain if you can afford it, not really the place for a ramen lover.

Ajisan Ramen
Forrest Place, near Myer entrance, Jaws takeaway and Edo-Shiki
This is not a ramen shop – not strictly speaking, anyway. It’s noodle soup in makeshift Japanese, Chinese and Thai styles. Don’t come here if you want proper Japanese ramen. Come here if you want a yummy cheap feed in a convenient access-by-foot location.

Edo Japanese BBQ Restaurant
320 Barker Rd, Subiaco. Open 7 days 11am-9pm – website
Simple, tasty Japanese cuisine. This ramen doesn’t seem as traditional as Arigataya & NAO, but it’s more Japanese than Ajisan, and heaps cheaper and more satisfying than Wagamama. This is the place you would go after the peak of a drunken night, the food is what you’d eat to soothe a hangover. This is good value delicious ramen noodles to accompany every other dish on their menu, if you’re happy to not be so hardcore about it.

83 Barrack St, Perth. Open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm (9pm Fridays), SunĀ 11am-5pm – website
I love this place. Good variety of ramen with 3 flavours of soup. The added extras include butter, corn, seaweed, egg – all the stuff you’d expect to see on the menu in a Japanese ramen shop. $12-15 per bowl with extras priced at $1-3 a pop. Very convenient location; there’s a Blue CAT stop and normal bus stop near the entrance, Utopia and Presso Tea closeby.