Two past one on a Thursday


Can’t sleep. So tired, but had a late game and now I’m all wired. Played terribly; did everything you’re not supposed to do – passing in front of goals, leg stance wide enough for all the nutmegs, rollback in the defending half… just to name a few.

I know these are all terrible yet the bit of my football brain that regulates this just wasn’t on tonight. Serves me right for not eating dinner beforehand. Lesson learned again. :(

I finished a penguin yesterday evening. Can’t believe how easy these things are with a pattern. It takes so little effort but looks impressive if you find a cute one. And you feel so accomplished when you’re done. ^___^


My phone’s about to die. Something’s draining battery life so fast these days. I regret trying to be good keeping my apps up to date. Oh well, I spose it’s late anyway, so better go. Night night, everyone, see you on the morrow. :)