Delicious meat pie


The meat pie has remained my favourite low budget, low effort Australian cuisine since my family moved here 17 years ago. I know it cops a lot of flack in this country for being a mass produced “snouts and arseholes” dish, but you know, in some cultures, snout and arsehole are delicacies.

Throughout uni, my loving mother would bring me a midnight snack of a square Bakewell pie with tomato sauce, accompanied by a mug of warm Milo in the very indulgent style she makes it. Hence, the meat pie is today for me a symbol of home, comfort and family.

Other pies may temporarily reign for their variety and novelty. The steak and kidney pie from Lawley’s is an awesome treat to the palette, and when has a Mrs Mac’s potato pie ever led one astray? But cheesy beef, chicken & veg, Spud Deluxe and all the puff pastry in the world can’t replace the good old simple plain meat pie.