I made gloves!


Gloves. :) And they’re wearable. And they match. And the texture feels nice. They’re a fitting end to a productive month.

I feel exhausted now. Partly from being hyper-social last week, partly from being awake to my hobbies for a whole month. I decided to spend less time idling at computer, which meant choosing things to do rather than falling back on routine. And spending less time gaming.

Games. I did play some – Towns, Clash of Heroes (wow, I almost missed my phone changing that to “herpes”), and Bonsai Bloom in its many broken stages – and fully expect to play like a fiend again once Starbound and Legend of Dungeon come out. But I really loved the break in habit. Wouldn’t go so far as to call it a holiday, but you know, a change is a reasonable substitute.


Dora is crazy for a midgie tonight. And there’s a thunderstorm brewing outside.