Window tomatoes day 6 and maybe a little bonsai


Day 6: we have a sprout! Window box tomatoes are underway. This is the leftmost one; wonder if there’s any scientific reason why it sprouted before the other two. I’ve decided to give these plants names so it’s easier to track and talk about them. This first one shall be Tom. (Middle is Dick, rightmost is Mary.)

I hoped for a hot, sunny day to encourage all the seeds to sprout, but Perth has taken a turn again. It was 15 degrees this morning when I went to get breakfast. What the hell, right? Spring’s swansong in the final week of November.

The railings outside are creaking; I hope they don’t get blown away. I’m so frickin tired tonight after spending the last few days being hyper-social. No faces or voices this evening. Maybe a movie about animals. I wonder if the dvd store still has Milo & Otis. I wonder if there’s still a dvd store. It’s getting that way, isn’t it?

Oh, I attempted to scarify a judas tree seed today. With a pair of scissors, so not sure if I did a great job. Hard little nut. I think I managed a tiny nick, but we’ll see in a few days whether it was effective. We’re going for an office bonsai. :)