The pause between the beats

Oh oh – it’s that moment between finishing one thing and deciding upon what to do next. You know, that moment where anything is possible and you have the power to control where you end up tonight.¬†Once, I was in this moment with my sister, both of us basking for so long in our dreams and options that we got to the end of the day and realised we accomplished nothing.

I think about this whenever I feel in limbo over career direction, lifestyle choices or financial future. It helps to know one can’t really go too wrong – if you make a bum decision, there are always many opportunities to decide your way out before it’s “too late”. (It only cost me a semester of uni fees to learn that lesson.) You just have to decide.

Friday nights are full of promise – they’re the bridge between the choruses, the pause between the beats; they’re the time between the time you trade for money and the time you get to keep.

Time for something else now, I think. Best not to linger here.