Window box season 3 – indoor tomatoes


Our office garden window box has been stripped of its parsley, basil and mint – we’re starting a season of tomato. I’m only just learning about growing seasons, and there’s a good chance I won’t be any good at keeping track of them, but TIL you should be able to harvest tomatoes at 17 weeks.

There are 3 Grosse Lisse seeds planted directly into the soil. Obviously this gives them far less room than the recommended 30cm. Not sure if terrible or workable. In theory, we should be able to feed them lots of enriching stuff like old tea leaves and blood & bone, and they’ll just end up a little dwarfed, right? Maybe not.

OK, in a week or so, the weakest two plants will have to be culled. :( Sad.

I think of this phase as season three, which is a big deal for me because I feel I lack commitment when I get bored and rip up plants. So to be able to look back and go, “Hey, this gardening thing is all about change and rebirth, you’re not doing it wrong after all,” is personally reassuring.

Back in February, we started the window box with capsicum & chilli plants; we got one tiny cayenne pepper out of it. We had an insane aphid attack mid-year, which led to all those plants either dying or being thrown out. We planted a bunch of herbs for ‘season two’ and learned we never use herbs around the office, so there’s no point. I ate fresh basil maybe once before the novelty wore off. The herbs are now in my veggie patch at home.

The KPI this season will be eating tomato fresh off the vine. My window faces west – I get ambient light all morning and direct sunlight all afternoon. The aircon is mild most of the time and only really gets cold during the hottest part of the day. And we go through a shitload of tea. Surely we’ll get at least one.