My body craves healthy stuff too


I went through a vegetarian phase in my early 20′s and fell in love with salad. Not even fancy salad – just juicy lettuce, capsicum and some tangy dressing. Pretty sure it was summer. It’s easy to crave salads in summer.

Lately I’ve been craving foods high in sugar and saturated fat. And feeling guilty, or at least wondering if I should feel guilty cos that type of food is a health no-no. But I decided some years ago that I would listen to my body’s cravings.

This doesn’t mean gorging on junk food, cos I think at some point, a hunger for something becomes psychological rather than physical. Full disclosure: I’m not a doctor or dietician. But I can sort of tell the point where I get lazy and start to take the path of least resistance. “Oh, I had such a yen for pasta last night. Oh, let’s have pasta agin tonight because we have a routine for it now and it’s easy” – that’s lazybrain talking, not body.

I also decided I’d learn more about food and meditate on it. Kinda get used to the idea of eating stuff that’s not routine – what it’d taste like, what it would feel like in my mouth, what it would go with. Cos then my imaginative brain can inform my body that new stuff might taste interesting, and they can work out a new craving together. I worry I don’t eat a big enough variety of food, so if I can hack my mind and body into craving new foods, or at least new combinations, I’ll be more motivated to seek them out.

Last night’s dinner wasn’t new, but it’s not routine for me to eat like that. A whole tin of tuna, chopped parsley (from my garden, yay!), a bit of basil pesto, sweet corn kernels, grain crackers and sesame seeds. I CRAVED that taste, that texture. After the last week, it was a relief to desire healthy food again. Wanting and getting, healthy and guilt-free, feels goodman.

I went to the beach on the weekend. That felt good too. I craved gym yesterday. That felt good. Bring on summer. I’m so ready to shuffle off my winter coat.