6 pieces of ephemera

1. Went to the new Hippo Creek in Subiaco on Sunday. I’m totally satisfied with my dining experience – I got to eat snail and crocodile and the tenderest fillet steak I’ve ever had! The food is pretty pricey, so I studied up on meat cuts beforehand. I usually like my meat quite rare but turns out it’s better to get fillet steak cooked medium rare, saving the bloody-ness for rump and t-bone instead. Fine then.

2. My new bag arrived! It’s pretty chunky, bigger than I thought and completely pocket-less. Boo, not the most convenient, but it’s quite charming. Will post a detailed review of it later.

3. Toothpaste worked fine on my horrible, painful underground pimple. It stung at first, and continued to sting for about half an hour. I woke up the next morning with a nodule less angry and tender. It doesn’t hurt anymore. The skin over the previously sore spot dried up and flaked away the following evening, and now there’s just a tiny bump like the one on my cheek.

4. I’ve had the Ubuntu Netbook website open for the last 2 nights, thinking of installing it on the old netbook we have lying around. But this venture sits just outside my comfort zone. I’m scared I’ll be opening a can of frustrating, confusing worms. Somewhere in the back of my mind, Excitement and Apprehension dance a passionate tango.

5. Civilisation 5 comes out soon. Just in time for the upcoming LAN. I am so very, very pleased. :)

6. There is no number six. Sorry.