My salty dreams

homemade sea salt hairspray

I made a sea salt hairspray! Apparently it’s that easy – you just need sea saltwarm water, a conditioning oil and a holding product. No special additives, no fancy brand name and logo. Maybe write on the bottle “shake before use”, but that’s all it takes.

I used a combination of Becca’s Homemade Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray and Chinacat84′s recipe on, except with argan oil instead of coconut for the conditioner. Curly Nikki says you can use avocado, olive or castor oil too.

making sea salt spray

For every teaspoon of sea salt, add 230ml (8 fl. oz.) of warm water, half a teaspoon of conditioner and a small dob of hair gel. Then shake it up and transfer to a spray bottle.

Gave my sis a bottle to test – she said it works a treat. Really excited to have an easily, cheaply replenishable supply of hair product. :) Yay!