The tiniest snowpea


Once upon a time, there was a tiny snowpea shoot who outlived all its brothers and sisters despite sprouting in a tiny pot. Its siblings had all withered or been eaten by slugs, a waste of their vast, expansive garden bed surrounds.

The tiniest snowpea was only mildly chewed as a sapling. It found a home on the windowsill where it proceeded to curl around a makeshift trellis crafted from a dead twig. Not to be deterred by half-masticated and humble beginnings, it produced a tiny snowpea flower, which with the aid of a friendly bee became a tiny snowpea pod.

This pod was full of flavour, sweeter than any we’ve ever bought from the supermarket. It goes to show that good things do come in small packages. Just in this case, it wasn’t very filling.


I set a two-week ban on gardening. Pretty sure I was killing my plants with too much attention, or at least making them too afraid to grow. Came back to it this morning and found ELEVEN huge slugs in the beer trap (there were only 2 tiny ones when I left it), most of my coriander eaten and almost all marigolds stripped of their leaves. :( Still no ladybugs in my garden, but at least the aphids and baby caterpillars are gone.

My morning was full of stirring shit – fully composted shit, though, so no bad smell. The veggie patch has a good amount of grow medium in it now, including more peat coir, vermiculite and cow poo compost. Plus a layer of sugar cane mulch over the top. TIL how to use mulch. It looks ugly. :( But should improve as my tomatoes and radishes recover and grow.


It’s not warm enough yet for the beach, so I’m done with being outside. What are you up to? I hope you’re having a nice day. :)