Amigurumi – I made an octopus!

Wee – I made an octopus! Once again, some shoddy workmanship here, but getting better. I followed the Realistic Crochet Octopus on Ravelry. Happy with the stitching on the head, but the mantle, arms and mantle attachment leave a fair bit to be desired.

One day, I will make the perfect piece – so long as that day comes before I get bored of crochet and find something else to do.

I learned that this small animal yarn crafting is known as amigurumi. Figures it would be a Japanese pass time. :) There’s heaps of free patterns online. Searching ‘amigurumi’ in Google doesn’t even give the Wiki article on the front page – it’s superseded by a ton of ami patterns.

Links I don’t want to forget:

will get round to making something practical at some point. Just… one more animal please.