It’s November

Almost a year ago, I started a Project 365┬áto see if I could commit to a single project for a year. In just a couple days, my year will be over. I’m already feeling the early sense of accomplishment. I don’t think my photography has improved – I was only using a phone camera in a mindless fashion – but I do feel I’ve learned things from this journey.

Not every day will be exciting.

This sounds obvious, but it’s only distant wisdom until you can relate to it first hand, and recall it quickly in moments where your day falls short of expectation. Some people call it “jam days”, as in, some days you eat your bread with jam; other days you have it plain because you’ve eaten all the jam.

I’m okay with boring when I know it’s okay to expect it. I like having nothing on the calendar. The empty square means me-time and an opportunity to pick up something random that I didn’t know I wanted to schedule time for. Tonight, for example, the flu has cleared my calendar. Although I’m disappointed at missing sport, I have the opportunity to sip tea and learn to crochet a rabbit.

Some days require more perseverance than others.

Every now and then, my will gets tested. This can last anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks, and works like playing This Is The Only Level, but not as hilarious or fun. On days like this, it takes more effort to do the same tasks that feel so simple otherwise.

At the time, it’s hard to remember “this too shall pass”. Sometimes it’s hard to muster the minerals to keep going, because you feel so disconnected from what you want, what it takes and your ability to meet the challenge. When it comes to everyday life stuff, I don’t think anyone has the right to tell you to just “toughen up”, at least not without appreciation or apology for what you go through.

But in this instance – a small, inconsequential, finite project that one invents meaning for – the tiny, easy “toughening up” every few days/weeks has been good practise. :)

All things must come to an end.

This project would have been dull if not for having an end. And I’m so relieved to be free of it soon, even though it was fun at times. The same went for #blogjune and everything else I’ve ever worked on. Annoying things feel more annoying when it seems you have to put up with them forever.

I’m enjoying seasonal, short-term projects right now and have decided to try another month-long one: the GitHub Game Off is running in November and I’m curious to see how far we get, even if we don’t finish.

So, November then.