Ladybug house part 2

My first ladybug house failed. So I made another one. Out of a tea box this time, and some sticks and dirt. It’s a ladybug log cabin that should hopefully not get washed away when it rains. In a sunnier spot, hopefully far away from where ant and snails like to hang out. Also in a planter box that I’ve reserved as a ladybug patch.

I’ve planted Cosmos and Marigolds around it, contemplating thyme. Once they grow and the days get warmer, I hope to see some friendly insects eating aphids and other pests. I tried planting a little coriander in the patch too, but it seems to have disappeared overnight – probably eaten by a slug. Time for more beer traps.

Oh, on that note, it seems Matso’s Smokey Bishop doesn’t attract as many snails as the Amsterdam Mariner did. Surely there’s some science behind this. Do slugs have preferences for beers like my friends do? Perhaps we’re all just slugs who believe we’re humans. I will look into it.