A quick post before eating pho and playing games

When people ask me how my weekend was, the first reply that comes to mind is, “Not long enough.” No, it’s not very witty, but it’s true. Weekends could always go a bit longer, no matter how satisfied you are with how you spent it.

Well, I’m happy with how I spent mine. Got some gardening done, went to an apple party, WENT TO THE BEACH YEAH!, and played around with mobile app stuff.

This is my app. It’s pretty lame so far, but I’m just proud I made some words and a picture appear on screen. Which is already leaps and bounds from my complete cluelessness just a few days ago. It’s been a long time since I properly nestled in a dev zone – all been words and pictures lately with very little code apart from CSS.

Baby steps, I’ve decided. That’s how one makes their first mobile game. More to come.

Now, this apple party – it wasn’t a macgeeks event, though there were a lot of Apple users there.¬†Doug¬†turning old warranted a healthy fruit affair with apples, apple cake, apple-shaped cake (pictured at the top of this post is a cake made by Doug’s mum), toffee apples and his infamous homemade cider. I tried to take good pictures but derped it on the exposure – I forgot to change settings when we went outdoors – they’re at my flickr if you wanna have a look.

Tonight, I’m craving pho and games. So, later alligator.