Colds and eyes and early mornings and stuff


The last few days have been particularly draining. My resilience to tiredness, negativity and general annoyance has been tested. It’s funny how mind and body are connected: I’m pretty sure I caught a cold off someone last week and it made me grumpy. The weather in Perth has been chilly. Maybe that had something to do with it.

My friend Lou gave me the perfect remedy. Whiskey (or scotch, if you’re so inclined), brown sugar (or honey), lemon and cloves, topped with hot water. It’s a hot toddy tea without the tea, which made it easy for me to fall asleep since I had no late night caffeine.

Two nights of hot toddies and I was well enough to get up at 6 this morning for Morning Startup, a fortnightly workshop & meet up for startup-minded people in Perth – Perth apparently listed as the city to be in for this sort of thing. For me it was a walk in the rain and an excuse for a bacon sandwich. Did encounter some interesting folk and do expect to learn a bit from talking to them.

Deliberate networking is not my favouritest thing. This doesn’t feel quite the same; seems practical rather than schmoozy or too much like a pageant. Though whenever we humans gather, it could go either way. Well, I’m feeling positive about it because it’s something different to what I’m used to and I didn’t get eaten by a grue.


I have been enjoying games. :) It’s all way more comfortable without glasses and contacts. My vision is far from perfect but recovery can take up to a year. Some days, some periods between blinks, are better than others. I’m ramping up my eyedrop use (the artificial tears) around the prescription stuff, and putting more effort into staying hydrated. Three weeks until my next post-op checkup.

Borderlands 2 is great. My elo on LoL is sitting in the low-mid 1300s. I just got into NetHack for Android, a peaceful way to wind down the evening. And I’m excited that Australia is getting a PAX event next year.

It is my bedtime now. Night, all!