I’ve got wood HAHAHA

It’s been awhile since my last post (don’t all tardy posts start this way). A few times, I’ve sat down to write, but so many tiny maybe-a-little noteworthy things have happened that there’s not been time enough to write about them properly.

Many updates in the woodworking project. Went to Carba-Tec a few weeks ago and walked out with a Japanese water stone and a block of jelutong wood. Jelutong is a hardwood, which I think just means it’s from an evergreen tree. It’s a good carving wood because it’s light (not dense), has a straight grain (doesn’t have heaps of twists and knots) and has a fine texture (not sure what this bit means; maybe just that it’s not like firewood).

I imagined carving it would be like carving soap or butter (with a warm knife), but it’s not. It feels more like scraping the wood of a pencil, but less pokey and splintery. So far, so good. I’ve whittled out the shallow contours of a face and haven’t grievously injured myself yet.