Really simple beef tongue & kimchee noodle


Tonight we had beef tongue & kimchee stir fry noodles for dinner. There’s nothing at all to this dish. The crap photo should reflect how little effort is required.

Stir fry noodles in general are quick and easy. Just remember the order: meat, veggies, noodles, sauce.

First, brown the beef tongue in frypan.

Our beef tongue came from HiMart or Home Mart or whatever that Korean grocer is called nowadays. There’s an outlet on Barrack St in town and one at Winthrop Shopping Centre. I think some Chinese grocers might stock it too. Tongue is my favourite thin-sliced meat. Such a homely flavour.

Add kimchee and any other veggies you fancy.

You can get kimchee in big tubs from Asian shops, but ours was homemade by a lady at work. Big chunks of cabbage are a bit inconvenient to eat in noodles, so favour smaller pieces. Everything comes out extra tasty if you tip in a bit of the kimchee juice too.

Add noodles, a bit of soy sauce and a bit of oyster sauce.

For noodles we used Kan Tong Inspirations cos it’s easy; Singapore style egg noodles (the thin yellow ones). But you can use any noodles. If you’re hardcore, you’ll get the dehydrated ones and soak them yourself. So long as they hit the frypan wet.

Soy sauce is for saltiness, oyster sauce for umame, which brings out the beefy taste. Don’t use too much, though. I used to have a terrible habit of using heaps of sauce so my noodles would look more brown. This is incredibly stupid; there are no eyes inside your tummy. Just use a bit for flavour.

15 minutes all up. I am very full now. :)