The waiting room


When you’re excited, any sort of waiting feels like ages. I must have waited a total of ten minutes today at the Lions Eye Institute, but it felt like forever every time they told me to take a seat, someone would be with me shortly. Just an hour and a half for an assessment I was told to allow two and a half hours for. To me, I was there all afternoon.

When they take eyeball measurements, you stare into a machine for less than three seconds, but knowing you absolutely mustn’t blink makes those seconds pass so slowly. I was good today and didn’t blink. Oh, but my eyes sure wanted to. I had to wait til after they took all my measurements and the surgeon did all his tests and explained the whole procedure before I could ask the questions that kept me up the night before. Like would there be bubbles in my eyes? Stupid question.

My date for LASIK is locked in for soon. I’ve waited years for this. :) Not long to go.