Deliverance Day August ’12

I’m having a really good day. It’s deliverance day at work – what we used to call FedEx day until the event got too well-known and some big corporation took issue with their name gaining eponymity. Seems a waste.¬†Anyway, the guys who originated this call it ShipIt now, but my office is calling ours ‘deliverance’, in honour of delivering stuff and dueling banjos. My last project was¬†Kittycam, which was good fun. This time, I’m doing something that actually involves what I do in my day job.

Doug and I are working on a sort-of project tracker, but not so serious and boring. I’ll write more about it when we’ve got screenshots. I’m excited to have a reason to touch something made with Ruby on Rails, Sass and Bootstrap. I’ve not been interested up until this point – something I’ve felt guilty about as a website maker, cos if you’re into it, you’d naturally get pumped, right? So I figured I was over web stuff and ready to get out, but now that my hands are dirty and I know I have a fixed deadline, confirmed objectives and space to do it my way, I’m feeling the love again.

Anyway, today, in just a short 4 hour period, I managed to:

All this new-fangled technology is so easy to use, a n00b can run with it in half a day. I am happy and this is a big deal.

It won’t mean much to anyone, but it’s a huge YAY! for me. I’ve not been in love with my trade for a long time; that stuff we call “par for the course” has worn me out. I know resilient professionals should be able to handle things like moving targets, clients from hell and ignorant remarks about the discipline – but nobody wakes up looking forward to the factors that make their job less fun or meaningful.

Today I’m enjoying the taste of web without that naff stuff. I feel like 15-year-old Sandy again, sitting at Dad’s computer all night, making her first web page. The only thing missing is Mum bringing me midnight milo and a meat pie.