Yesterday, still reeling from the enjoyment of doing the fence stuff, I decided to look into wood whittling. I’ve been curious since childhood, but it always seemed the sort of thing only other people do. Site after site later, I found myself at the precipice of seriously considering this hobby.

Who am I kidding. My mind was made up as soon as Google loaded. I would need to find a soft, carve-friendly timber like basswood (also known as linden or lime), birch or jelutong. I would need a knife. This is the knife I chose. I’m just about to order it. I’m nervous.

I don’t know anything about wood. Or knives. Or using knives on wood. I’m scared. What if I do it wrong and cut all my fingers off and die of wood cancer arrrrrrrrggggg…

ARG. Positive thoughts. Positive thinking. It will be fine. It will be fun. I don’t have any aspirations to get good, I just want to have a bit of fun. That’s okay. I’m okay with if I just have a couple of hacks, decide it’s too hard then pack it all away in a memory box until my sister wants heirlooms for her grandchildren. At least I’ll have tried it. At least I’ll know what it’s like, this thing that’s so fascinating and rustic.

Okay, I’m ready. Yay new hobby! ^___^