Tonight, I’m going to chill out. I’m going to forget it’s Tuesday and that the day felt long and that I have work again tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to put all the things that bother me into a little box in a big box in a cardboard fish on a dusty shelf in a dark closet in the back of my mind. Tonight, I’m going to sip cold fizzy water while being inspired by pretty things on tumblr. All the pretty things.

Tonight, I’m going to play Skyrim because it’s fun running around with a crossbow pretending to be a female Van Helsing, though I wouldn’t mind being a male Van Helsing either because Hugh Jackman is an attractive man. Tonight, I’m going to tease one lucky cat with the creepy but awesome tail my sister brought me from Japan – I still wonder if it’s made from some kind of animal hide even though we did the burn test on some strands and they looked like they curled up like synthetic fibre, but a general lack of confidence or some scientific rigour makes me want to test it next to something I know is definitely real or definitely fake.

Tonight is half over, but I’m going to make the most of it, starting with this blog post of filtered cameraphone pics that’s already taken me too long to put together. But I wanted to say hello because I can. So, hello. :) I hope you are having a good night.