Duck rice leaf

I’m making san choy bao tonight – some pidgin variation, anyway.

San choy bao is bitty meat & veggie mix in a lettuce leaf. It’s the typical third dish in a peking duck banquet. I thought that might be why it starts with “san” (Chinese for ‘three’), but the Google is really letting me down for information tonight. This is my least favourite dish at a banquet, because it’s messy, the lettuce is always drippy and I get very unhungry very fast when I make a mess. Nonetheless, it’s always delicious and it’s only my mess-aversion that puts me off.

I have no idea where to find duck meat at this hour, so we’re using chicken mince and substituting cooking oil for duck fat if Coles have it. I’m quite excited about dinner. We’ve been having a lot of pasta and sandwiches lately, because it’s so easy to prepare and eat between LoL matches.

The house is also a mess, even though rent inspection was just a few days ago. Is this why ‘gamers’ have a reputation for being stinky slobs?

Ending this post here. Best go tidy up a bit.