Building a ladybug house

Ever since aphids invaded my window box, I’m seeing them everywhere. I was sick last Monday, all I wanted was some hot pea soup with parsley, but my parsley crop was covered in these little pests. Well, NO MORE, YOU HEAR ME? This afternoon, I built a ladybug house to attract some welcome predators.

According to wikiHow, attracting ladybugs to your garden is easy. They recommend doing all this in spring, but this winter has been very springlike, so I’ll take my chances. I started with the box from my Samsung Nexus S. I hate that every time I upgrade gadgets or buy new toys, I have to wade through a sea of cardboard and plastic to get to my treasure – I hate even more that once I get to my toy, all that packaging ends up in the bin. In silent protest, I save all I can like a miser, save for a day like today.

A blue house, says the instructions. So, blue it is.

Typical display of my manual dexterity.

Box house all wrapped up and the inner shelf bit has been glued in. For reference, the shelf bit is another recycled piece of my Nexus packaging.

I sealed up the edges and corners with masking tape because I don’t trust my shoddy workmanship or 4-year-old stick of glue.

I didn’t have pink and yellow paper, so I’ve used red for now and will get some pink flowers happening in the garden to make up for it.

Finally, fill the house with some water, bug furniture and go. I didn’t have any paper towel, so made do with a wet bit of brown paper bag.

It’s been a couple hours since the house went in the garden – no bugs yet. I didn’t have any sweet fragrance, so poured honey water and lavender around the area. Fingers crossed neither of these are ladybug repellents. Fingers crossed I don’t wind up with ants instead, because they raise aphids like cattle. :| That’s the opposite of what I want.

C’mon, ladybugs, your house awaits!