Delicious food from last few weeks

Time for another delicious food round up. Pictured above is a blue fillet steak from Squire’s Loft in Subiaco. I love this place. It’s where we go now for a casual steak out as the prices are very reasonable and the food very good.

This is the potato salad at Village Bar in Subiaco. It looks a little weird in the photo, but it was most delectable in person. The potatoes are sliced nicely and the prosciutto complements the flavour well. It’s been a few weeks now since I had it and my brain keeps telling me there was pear in the salad too, but it doesn’t say so on the menu. I might have to try it again soon to see if my mind’s playing tricks on me. This is going to impact my mission to try everything on their menu.

Another Village Bar meal – the honey batter fish & chips. It sounds strange, but it’s really good. The sweet earthiness of the honey works really well with the taste of fish. I can’t have it often because it’s quite moist and oily, but my lunch mates eat at Village almost every Friday and almost every Friday, there’s at least one or two of these at the table.

This is fish cooked Egyptian style. My partner’s mum and her partner were over from Egypt recently and had a Bedouin BBQ. So tasty, and I found a friend to eat fish cheeks with. :) Not pictured here is the orange blossom carrot salad that was served with the fish. I’m guessing Egyptian food is all lovely and light because of the hot weather. Really want to go there now and try more of the cuisine. Even the exotic stuff that Pilky got to eat.

This is a corndog, I think. The company I work for was the primary sponsor of the NBL last season and decided to have an office party to mark the grand final weekend. If I remember right, because basketball is popularised as an American sport, the party featured novelty American food – corndogs, baby hotdogs and nachos. Yeah, nachos aren’t strictly American, but they fit neatly into a little novelty cardboard tray and tasted pretty damn delicious.

I had no idea til then what a corndog was; appears to be a sausage wrapped in cornbread. Like a sausage roll, I guess.

Avocado toast from Walk Cafe in Subiaco. I don’t usually have café breakfasts, but I was invited to the breakfast of one of the teams at work before getting relocated to another team. It was a lovely breakfast – not just food and ambiance, but company too – was nice to get to know that side of the office as the work I do involves a fair bit of contact with them. I’d always thought that you can get by just staying focused on your work, but practicality and politics seem to be inseparable – to really be effective, you need to be an effective human being, which includes getting to know and getting along with other human beings. Kumbayah~

Dim sum at Regal on Roe – this pic is also in my dim sum guide. It’s been ages since I’ve had chicken feet (that brown stuff in mid-ground on the lazy Susan) – so good at Regal. Lovely and moist, but not too greasy. A++ would eat here again. Parking so easy too.

I’m up early this morning. Woke up at 6 on the dot from a very vivid dream about a protest speech on unfair legislation. No idea where this came from as I slept all day yesterday because I was sick, and so had no exposure to news or current affairs. Got mad cravings for tea, which I am sipping now. Honey lemon ginger, thanks for asking.